During this unique time, people all over the world have been told to stay home, to self confine and to stop doing many of the things they love and once enjoyed.

Perhaps for a while that means no longer going to your place of business. No longer doing things like:

  • Going to your favorite park
  • Going to your favorite restaurants
  • Going to a play, a concert or a sporting event
  • Gathering at places to practice your faith and seeing people you are closely connected with
  • Physically gathering with family and friends that you may have within a club or fraternal organization

Imagine the heart ache of not being able to visit a loved one who may be sick in the hospital.

Imagine not being able to say goodbye if one or more of them passed away.

Imagine not being able to go to a funeral service or celebration of life for your loved ones.

Imagine no:

  • Birthday parties
  • Anniversary parties
  • Retirement parties
  • Or holiday celebrations with family and friends….

and the list goes on and on. We don’t have to imagine all of this because it has now happened for people all over the world.

Now consider how that makes you feel. Now consider that it has happened for a matter of weeks or perhaps months.

We know it will pass and our freedoms will be given back to us and we will celebrate and perhaps appreciate all the things we love even that much more.

Now imagine for a moment Kevin Trudeau. All the freedoms you have temporarily lost, he has lost all of them and more! This has not gone on for weeks or a few months. This has gone on for over 6 1/2 years and counting. Please take a moment to read this letter from Rahelios on KT’s behalf.

Update on Kevin’s Release

So…. No one knows exactly when Kevin will be released – at least as far as I know at this moment. The only thing for sure, is that Kevin WILL be released in the near future.
And WHEN Kevin is released, he has promised to create a very special and powerful event for those people who supported him while he was away. This will be the FIRST public event he will have.

Kevin has let me know that he wants to reward and thank all those who stood by him during this time. He deeply appreciates you.

So, those who subscribed to the Nuggets of Gold Newsletter; are students of Kevin’s Science of Personal Mastery Course; those who made contributions to DonateToKT.com; those who sent money to Kevin’s commissary account; and those who supported Kevin’s legal fund will all be invited.

Think about this…

Just imagine that you were unjustly put in prison for 10 years, simply for exercising your First Amendment Rights, and working to help humanity by revealing information that “They” don’t want the public to know…

And imagine that before you were put in prison, when you were “at the top” and “had it all”, you had millions of followers and “friends” who said they would “do anything for you”.

And imagine, once you had lost everything, including your freedom, how clear it would become who really “cared” – by noticing the ones who really, actually “stood by your side”, not just with words, but they actually cared enough to reach out to you, to support you, and help you however they were able…

When you finally were released from prison, who would YOU want to reward and thank first?
Do you think you would probably be eternally thankful to those who stood by you and supported you while you were away?

Those who wrote to you, and actually helped you financially, would be the FIRST people you would want to show your appreciation to, don’t you think?

Well I do happen to KNOW, because Kevin has personally told me that he wishes to and is going to show his deep gratitude to all those who supported him, by inviting them to the very first public event/training that he will offer. This first event is something you will not want to miss.

Imagine the energy, the love, the excitement, the specialness, the CELEBRATION of this FIRST event marking Kevin’s FREEDOM… It will be EPIC!
You WANT and NEED to be on the Invitation List!

So right now, while Kevin is still incarcerated – this truly is, “your chance”. And we don’t know how much longer this chance will last… I highly encourage you to show your support to Kevin by making a contribution to help Kevin get a restart when he gets released.

Do you know that the government took EVERYTHING from Kevin – every business, every “thing” or possession that he ever owned, and every penny to his name – and left him with only a few clothes and a suitcase? How would you feel if your government took away EVERYTHING you have and EVERY PENNY you legally owned?

Kevin has always enjoyed material things and all that life has to offer. Yet he freely and generously gave away to others his whole life. Most importantly, Kevin was never attached to anything he owned. This is why “losing everything” was so “easy” for Kevin. As he said many times, “I have no attachments to any material thing or person. Everything is transient anyway.”

Kevin needs support and help when he is released to start a new life and pay off legal debts.
Now is the time to step up and help him. As the saying goes, “put your money where your mouth is”. A contribution of any amount, however large or small will show you care, not just with words, but with action.

You could also mail Kevin a short note or send him a card or postcard thanking him for all he has done. A simple “thank you” will mean the world to Kevin. Or feel free to write more, and even send your photo. He loves putting a name with a face. 🙂

His mailing address is:
Kevin Trudeau 18046036
Federal Prison Camp
Montgomery AL 36112
I can tell you from working directly with Kevin, that you will definitely want to be at Kevin’s first event

It will be magical.
It will be powerful.
It will be life changing.
It will be like nothing you have ever experienced with Kevin

And by the way, even If you cannot physically attend the event, you will still be invited to attend via the internet all around the world, at various secure, private locations. (It will not be shown to the public.) Kevin promises to give you a “gift” that is not material, but much more important and valuable.

I hope to see you at Kevin’s first event.
Let us celebrate together.
I’ll definitely be there! 🙂
All the best,

Over the past  6 1/2 years Kevin’s legal team at Winston & Strawn, LLP have continued to work on Kevin’s behalf. Kevin has no way of generating funds to pay for his legal defense and can only hope for contributions from special people like you who understand, empathize and support his cause. Over the years 100% of the contributions people like you have made to KT Legal Defense have been sent directly to Winston & Strawn to help pay down his outstanding legal bills and current ongoing representation.

Currently there is well over $225,000 that is still owed to Winston & Strawn and those legal fees continue to grow. They have agreed to continue to represent KT and fight this battle with him as long as contributions can help reduce these expenses. There are some new initiatives on Kevin’s behalf and we are hopeful that it will help Kevin enter the FREE world sooner!

All donations of any amount are appreciated. The KT legal defense Fund is trying to get these legal bills paid down as quickly as possible so Kevin can maintain his legal representation. There are several options listed below:

$1,000 Platinum contribution

$800 Gold contribution

$500 Silver contribution

$300 Bronze contribution

$100 Heartfelt contribution

Or enter any other amount that feels right, however large or small and all contributions are greatly appreciated.

Just like tithes and offerings these gift seeds will be planted forever in Kevin’s heart, soul and memory. Your contributions and your name will be remembered and your rewards can come back to you several fold.

Time is of the essence and there is currently an URGENT need to help KT.

This SPRING let’s continue to help FREE KT!!!

With much love, gratitude and appreciation,

Be FREE and help FREE KT